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Baumer Foods, Inc. is backed by a rich history and focuses on rich flavor! Our hot sauces, wing sauces, meat sauces and Asian sauces are all made with the same care and quality that makes our Crystal Hot Sauce a household name, and the #1-selling hot sauce in Louisiana.

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The same great flavors enjoyed by many in homes across the country can also enhance the recipes created in your restaurant’s kitchen. Treat your guests to the exciting flavors Baumer Foods, Inc. has to offer! Browse our selection of tasty products available in various sizes suitable for any size kitchen:

Private label

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Personalize your private label offering with Baumer Foods, Inc. Our private label products are national brand equivalent and we private label for major retailers throughout the US. Our manufacturing plant is SQF certified. Rely on consistent quality and service to grow your store brand and increase sales – also browse our selection of available products for private label adaption.

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Bring the trusted and beloved taste of Crystal Hot Sauce to your menu! When you pair our rich history and our rich flavors with your food, you create a recipe for success! With a variety of hot sauces, finishing sauces and marinades, the Crystal line gives your menu the added kick of flavor your customers will love.

Export Sales

Flavor of the globe

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Baumer Foods, Inc. has become not only a Louisiana institution, but one of the fastest growing condiment manufacturers in the country. More than 4.5 million gallons of Crystal Hot Sauce are shipped to destinations in the U.S. and across the globe, including:

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